You Can’t Have Roses Without the Thorns

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.”

~Zig Ziglar

I was browsing Wish, (a shopping app with really cheap prices) and found this beautiful ring.  It was a set of two, one was a ring of thorns, and the other was thorns and a rose.  I ordered them and three months later, (they come from Asia), they arrived at my door. Yay!  Mail that is not a bill is always welcome in my home.

Now, I have really chubby fingers so I didn’t think it would fit, but it fits perfectly on my pinky finger. Woot!  Currently, I am choosing to wear the one with just the thorns. Here’s why. I am in a state of rebuilding myself. I experienced rock bottom this year, and I am digging my way back up and out.  I still have rough days, and days I just feel like crying. At times I hide, but now I allow myself to be there for a time, but I don’t unpack and live there. Living there doesn’t help me grow, and I am growing like a weed, or should I say bush!

This ring is a reminder that I am the thorn right now, prickly at times, but growing into a big bush of stabby things (it is much better than it sounds).  Sometimes, I prick myself and I bleed, but I wash it off and move on. Sometimes I prick others and they bleed, I do my best to make amends and we move on.  As the bush grows, the thorns and sharp ends become covered with vibrant green leaves that eventually grow beautiful flowers, the most loved flowers in the world.  Roses.

Life is a journey.  Sometimes it’s prickly and makes you bleed, and other times it is a beautiful flower that brushes against your skin softly comforting you.  Just like the seasons, the rose bush waxes and wanes like we do. Sometimes we are prickly and sometimes we are soft and comforting. No matter what , we always continue to grow, and that is the most important thing.  

We must always be growing.

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0 thoughts on “You Can’t Have Roses Without the Thorns

  1. Life is definitely a journey of ups and downs. We all have good days and bad days. It seems like you are on track to a great path! 2019 will be your year!

  2. totally agree with your sentiments – i just got through the worst year of my life and trying to see the rose separate from the thornes. i’ve learned of you don’t realize this, the thornes are all you will ever see. great post!

  3. It is so true that life can be tough. The most important thing is that we learn from history otherwise we may have to repeat it.

  4. I love that ring! What a beautiful symbol to remind you to look at the positive in life. Best of luck with you on this continued journey to find your happy. You should be very proud of yourself for sharing your story! Best wishes to you in 2019!

  5. Love this post!! I may fall down and get bruised but I’m always going to get back up and keep pushing. Everyone has their struggles at times but its just a matter of how we perceive our struggle and whether we choose to let it overtake us or if we plan to overcome

  6. Roses and thorns go hand-in-hand, and that makes the flower (life) beautiful. I can’t imagine life without challenges.

  7. The way you said is just perfect… I know a friend who suffers from panic disorder and I can totally understand how her life is….

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