What was I thinking?

“We aren’t designing photocopies of web pages, we’re designing web pages.”

~Andy Clarke

If one day, you decide to start a business, or a blog, or both and you say to yourself,  “Self, I will self-host, build, and maintain my own website”, just stop. Take a breath. Don’t do it.  It’s terrible idea, like really bad.

Now, I am a smart girl, I come from a family of techies and I know my way around a computer.  Graphic design totally my thing. Web design? Kill me now.

My friend, and tattoo guy, (see more about him here) helped me set up the domain and the hosting site (because he is awesome), and we loaded wordpress.org and woocommerce so that I could run my blog and my store from the same site.  Sounds like a great idea, right? Yea…

My brain was going to explode trying to fiigure out how to import my blog from the wordpress site, I still can’t figure out how to merge my followers. (That is like 2 months worth of work down the drain, but I am not bitter.)

It got easier though, wordpress.org is actually not very different from wordpress.com.  I downloaded the theme, organized the widgets, and it looks great. Then, on to woocommerce to set up the shop… Nope.

I have never had a program so difficult to use before.  For days, I spent hours trying to figure it out. Nothing I did worked.  I had googled everything possible I could find to help me, I went through all the tutorials, and still nothing.  I actually was close to giving up and just opening the shop on Etsy.

Finally, the other day I was like nope, and deleted the entire the whole plug in and all the pages I had been working on.  Did some research and found another program that was recommended. It’s called Marketpress and it is a life changer!

I downloaded it, a wizard popped up and poof, I have a store.  Now my biggest problem is adding all the products. It is like weight was lifted off my shoulders.  The shop is set to open on Friday. (Yay!)

Probably the best story to come out of this is the story of new users.  This is hilarious now, but not so much then. So two days after I set up the page I started getting emails that said “new user made”. “OMG, I was hacked,” says Harmony’s brain.  I freaked out and changed my already stupid impossible password and deleted both of them. Proud of myself for handling it, I was like, “Take that hackers!”… nope.

Two days later, it happened again.  Three more users… what is happening?? So I clicked on the user.  Maybe I could find some info? Well, that is when I saw it, this new user was labeled “subscriber”.  I have been deleting people who have been signing up for my blog. Seriously this is my life right now.

Last night I was at my brother’s house and pleasantly requested that he follow my blog.  (If you love me, you will do this!) Shortly after, something interesting happened. I got an email, “You have a new blog subscriber!” What?  That is not the same email I got with the other users. My sister in law signs up, same email as my brother. At this point, I am about to jump off a bridge.  So I google, spam. They are spam. The easiest way recommended of getting rid of them? Delete them. Really, that’s it. Delete them.

After all this nonsense, I have learned a lot and I think I can see the finish line from here.  It is my recommendation to self host, maintain, but for the love of gods hire someone to build and design it for you.  

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