The Question Game

“ Sometimes the more you get to know a person, the more attractive they become.”


The Question Game has been apart of my life since probably freshman year in high school.  My girlfriends and I would get together on a Friday night, play twister in the driveway while waiting for the hot pizza guy, and ask each other questions that we had to answer honestly.  Kind of like the truth part of Truth or Dare. We played it all the time. It was super fun, and I good way to see secrets we are holding.  Nowadays, when the girls and I get together, we still play, only this time we drink wine and things get a lot more interesting.

Since I have started dating again, I have brought back The Question Game.  This game is only for those who I believe have potential for a relationship. (Because otherwise, who cares!) I bought a book called The Secret Me: A Questionnaire Journal from Amazon.  It is written by Shane Windham, and he has a bunch of other similar type journals that I can’t wait to try.  

It is very much an adult book.  It asks questions on anything from sex to morals and values.  The game is easy, someone asks a question, we both answer and discuss, then we switch.  The game continues for as long as you want, it usually goes longer when booze is involved. (It is also WAY more fun.)

I enjoy it because it is a low key way to get to know each other.  It asks questions that you wouldn’t normally think to ask during the get to know you phase, and it does so in a really fun way!

Check out Shane Windham, he’s pretty awesome, and comment below  how you get to know your potential partners!

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0 thoughts on “The Question Game

  1. This sounds like a fun game even for a married couple. Sometimes it’s nice to have a list of questions instead of having to come up with your own and I’m sure it’s a great way to break the ice.

  2. WOW! I actually think this would be good for married couples as well. Although people stay together for a long time, they change and their preferences change. I think this is a plus for marriages!

  3. This sounds like a fun idea! I get so bored talking about work/gossip/etc. and would love some questions that help you dive more into deep stuff.

  4. This game sounds a lot of fun and for me, it is such a perfect idea to do if you want to know more about the person that you are dating.

  5. This seems like a fun game, very entertaining for how simple the requirements are. It definitely handy to have a list to start with, coming up with questions on the spot can be difficult!

  6. Sounds like a fun and actually beneficial game. Knowing how to communicate is really important. It’s actually one of the things that drew my hubby and I together 16 years ago when we met through online dating. We could actually carry on both written and spoken conversations intelligently and learned a lot about each other before we ever met in person!

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