Out of the mouths of babes…

“Knowing the answers will help you in school.  Knowing how to question will help you in life.”

~Warren Berger

I love being Auntie Shelly, I think it might be my favorite role in life.  I can’t have kids of my own, thank you PCOS, but I get to spend lots of time with the brood and that makes me happy.  This weekend my little miss 8 year old niece caught me off guard, as kids often do.

A little back story.  Little miss has always been fascinated that I am a witch.  Every picture she has drawn for me has some kind of witchy element.  Her current favorite is drawing me and her flying on broom sticks. It’s adorable.  Anyway, we are driving in the car, my sister is in the passenger seat and little miss is in the back.  After about 30 minutes, she says, “Auntie Shelly, can I ask you a question?”. These are always fun, you never quite know what will come out of their mouths at this point.  “Of course, doll, what’s up?”

This I was not prepared for.  She asked how I found my religion.  How does anyone find religion? Why is it so important to me?  She’s 8. Dear Goddess, here we go. After a pregnant pause, I said that it was something that was always in me, but I just needed to find it on my own.  I told her that it’s great to learn about all kinds of religions and at some point one will speak to her. My sister, who is awesome, told her that she would help her look into any religion she wanted.  If she wants to go to church, she will bring her, etc. I also told her that if she wanted to learn anything about my path, all she has to do is ask. We already do little spells together so she knows I am full of info.  (Favorite quote after doing magick with her to find the long lost remote: “Auntie Shelly, I don’t believe in magick that will turn a dog into a cat, but I think I believe in this!”.)

I hope that we were to answer her questions to her satisfaction.  It is hard to tell with kids sometimes. I love that she feels comfortable enough to ask me questions like this, and I hope I can always give her answers that help her on her own path.

Personally though, I think she is a witchling. <3


Spooky Castle from little miss.  Top left corner is me on my broomstick with my cat. <3
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