It’s that time of year again…

“ Fuck it.  I’ll buy myself chocolate for Valentines day.”


So truth time.  I am a hopeless romantic, like it’s bad.  I have these dreams of amazing valentine’s days, someday an epic proposal, and being swept off my feet. It is different then most I think.  I don’t want money spent on me. I want time spent, a handwritten love notes, a single flower, or the like. Is a damn mix tape too much to ask for? Joking.  Kind of.

In my recollection, I have never had a really amazing Valentine’s Day.  I was never the girl in high school who got the flowers, my ex husband loved me but was terrible at all things that needed romantic thought put into it.  My last boyfriend of eight years said he didn’t believe in it. Fun for me. Where do I find these people?

Holidays, such as this, makes the world seem very materialistic which makes me sad.  Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on sparkly things, I probably won’t even wear it! Give me a picnic on the living room floor and cuddling up to a movie.  That would be amazing. Or, give me a copy of your favorite book so I can read it and learn a little bit more about you. I would be over the moon. (Check out more ideas here: Free ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day.)

Until this year, I used to get really bitter, mostly because I don’t like feeling left out.  Everyone has great stories on the 15th and I used to feel like I had to make something up so I didn’t get the “aww” face.  You know the face I am talking about. The “poor thing” face. I hate that face.

This year, I am single, officially single. ( I also have zero fucks given, Remember?)  I also have zero expectations or obligations.  Nothing to look forward to only then to be disappointed! The 14th, this year, is just a Thursday.  No worries about putting thought into it for other people then being forgotten. Perfect.

So yes, I went to the store and bought my own chocolates and I am going to eat them cuddled up with my cats watching serial killer documentaries; and I have never been more excited about February 14th.

Share with me your most epic (or epic fail) Valentine’s Day stories in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again…

  1. Yeah…. as a kid my mom and dad would always give my sister and I a big box of chocolates on Valentines Day and we would go out to eat at dinner… somewhere really delicious 🙂 It is really bout just making sure your loved ones know that you love them and appreciate them.

  2. It’s my 3rd Valentines single. I had been married 17 years previously. I have to say though despite being separated there were some good Valentines surprises. I would have hoped to meet someone but unfortunately, still no one special. So I plan on cuddling with my youngest and watching a movie. He said he’d be my Valentine. <3

    1. Seriously though… I posted this and a new guy in dating showed up with an epic Valentine’s Day gift and card. Totally made me cry.

  3. I thinks my Valentine’s day this year would be super memorable. Nothing fancy. Just a simple surprise will make the hearts jump.

  4. During Valentine’s Day, I told my beau never to send flowers or chocolates. So he booked a hotel for me for the weekend + spa! That’s a perfect gift I needed 😀

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