e.l.f. Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool ~ Review

“Glow is the essence of beauty.”

~Esteè Lauder

I am pretty lucky to have great skin, especially when I take care of it.  To be honest though, easy is better these days. I do a face mask every two weeks or so, but I would do it more if it was less messy.  I have long nails, and getting the clay out of them is a huge pain. Might sound like a small thing, but I just can’t be bothered some days.

I buy a lot of my cosmetics from e.l.f., at their website eyeslipsface.com.  Prices are amazing and they are usually running a free gift which is a great way to try new products.  I have been happy with pretty much everything I have bought over the years, but their Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool? Life changing.

It never occured to me that using a brush to put on a mask was a real thing, but it is, and it is awesome.  This brush has two ends, the top is a green soft silicone like material, that kind of looks like a flat paintbrush.  This side is used for applying the mask. The bottom is a stiff bristle brush, used to help remove the dried mask.

Tonight, I broke out my favorite mask, and popped in a chick flick.  I finally get to use my new Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool! Yay! Applying the mask was so easy; using the brush allowed a nice, thin, even application while using less product.  Best part? My fingers stayed perfectly clay free! Now to let it dry (this is where the chick flick comes in). Once dry, I used the bottom end of the brush. I held it under water then gently moved in circles over the mask, breaking up the hard brush.  I kept adding water to the brush as I move over the face. By the end, it only took one wipe with a wet cloth and my face was clean, very soft, and fresh looking.

Now at this point, even though I washed it thoroughly with water, the white bristles at the bottom end were green, I had been worried about this.  However, I used my brush cleaner 3 times and it was back to pretty white! This made me very happy (It really doesn’t take much).

Over all, I am over-the-moon with this brush and I would highly recommend it to anyone who uses masks on a regular basis.

🌛 🌛 🌛 🌛 🌛

Find it here!

e.l.f. Mask Brush
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