By the Light of the Moon

“When you support a small business, you support a dream.”


Counting down the days until the grand opening of my store, (January 31st 2019), By the Light of the Moon. (eek!) I create all natural bath products:  bath salts, sugar scrubs and bath bombs. I also create occult items, most essential oil blends right now, incense to be coming soon. I also read tarot.  Building my magickal brand a little bit at a time.

Ingredients have been purchased, product has been made, photos have been taken and labels have been ordered. This is legit happening in my life right now.  My normally organized house has exploded with ingredients and packaging material. My time is no longer my own.

There is still so much to do that it is overwhelming.  Advertising (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) is honestly exhausting, but seemingly effective. (Follow me pretty, pretty please!)  Network groups are helpful and I have learned a ton is a very small amount of time. Basically the key is consistently.  You can’t take a day off or you fall behind. Sleep is something I no longer have time for. I live off of coffee and Redbull. (It really does give you wings… and anxiety)  

I got word from the FDA today that my products meet all the regulations for beauty products so that is a load off of my mind.  I have a feeling that the FDA is not someone I want to mess with…. Like really. Now I know that I (and others) can sit back in the bathtub, relax and enjoy.

I have also realized that you need to be shameless while plugging your own business.  For example: Dear friend, here is a free sample, do you love it? (Why yes I do) ok please leave a review here (send link).  I’m in sales for a living so you think it would come easier to me, but nope. I got this though, it is my passion and I am going to make it work.

Support small businesses, it is the difference between corporate growth and food on the table, and trust me, we appreciate it!  

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