Here we go!

So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness. 

~Sidney Poitier

Me. Writing a blog. It seems awesome and silly at the same time.  Who wants to hear about what is going on in my head? Sometimes I don’t even want to hear what is going on in my head… but, here we are, and I’m excited!

Please bear with me while I get up and running.  Of course, the first topic I am writing about is controversial, because why not jump in with both feet, right?  There is no time like the present and dammit I am going to grab the here and now with both hands, and make things happen.

I hope you join me on this ride.  The key word to this blog is random! Please feel free to suggest topics you want to hear about, prompts are always fun.

Here we go!


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